G.I.A.N.T.S is a 4 player co-op game about 4 unfortunate characters that become trapped on an alien world by an adorable robot. The players must work together with the robot in order to complete puzzles so that these characters may find a way home. 

My roles:
Lead animator, visual director, concept artist, storyboard artist, character developer/modeller/ animator, environment artist/modeller/texture

My Experience
I was the lead animator for this project, in charge of coordinating a small team of animators into creating assets that fit the theme and the standard's for our project. I was also in charge of the visual direction of this project, not only did I create the storyboards, animatics and cinematic's for G.I.A.N.T.S, I also had a fun time creating the character model and animations, along with a significant smount of the environment assets and textures. For the design processes I also contributed concept art to the level design and the puzzle elements of G.I.A.N.T.S. 

Download Here:  (For free)



MindState is a game that explores a series of emotions and feelings in a cycle. You control a mythical creature on a fanciful floating isle, and as you explore this uninhabited space you will trigger emotional changes that affect your character, and hopefully you too.

My roles:
Character design, rigging, animation and sprite sheet development

My experience
This was the first game that taught me how to work with game designers & programmers, how to collaborate with team members in order to get the right design for the theme and how to learn from criticism. This was the game that taught me for the first time how to design a 2D character, rig, animate and export my character as a sprite sheet for the game designers to be able to use. From this, I am now apart of a fantastic team still dedicated to making games and that's why I enjoyed this project.

Download Here     (For free)